Keeping things running


By Scott Smith

On a daily basis, the Richmond Refinery produces gasoline that fuels our cars, jet fuel that powers commercial airplanes and diesel that fuels delivery of our next-day packages.

We are also the only facility on the West Coast that manufactures lubricating base oils, the main components in essential products that reduce friction between moving parts which are found in everything from cars and trucks to industrial and agricultural equipment, machinery and much, much more.

Located within the refinery complex, the Richmond Lubricants Plant turns the base oils we make into high-quality finished products that consumers and businesses use such as industrial and engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, coolants and greases.

The refinery works with other Chevron business units to develop innovative solutions to improve how we produce and blend base oils. This helps us meet the needs of our customers – including automakers – who are looking for high-quality base oils that meet evolving fuel economy standards and deliver better performance.

I am proud to be part of the team that manufactures premium base oils and the role we play in supplying high-quality products that are used by consumers here in California, up and down the West Coast and around the world.

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Scott Smith is the Manager of Base Oil Manufacturing for Chevron Lubricants