Keeping Richmond and the Bay Area Moving Forward


By Claudia Graham

On a daily basis, our dedicated team of operators, engineers, scientists and other professionals works to produce the transportation fuels and other products that directly fuel progress not only here at home but around the world.

From producing clean, California-grade gasoline to jet fuel, diesel and lubricating oils, the Richmond Refinery plays a critical role in keeping people in our region and throughout California on the move every day.

The products we make touch our lives in many different ways. They get us to where we live, work and play. These products fuel innovations in technology, health care and agriculture, propelling the high quality of life we all enjoy.

Equally as important as the products we provide is how we make them. We hold ourselves to the highest standard possible and deliver results safely and reliably. In the June newsletter, we take a look at one product, propane, and not only how it is made, but how it’s used in everything from barbecues, to light manufacturing, agriculture, heating, transportation and much more.

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Claudia Graham is the Blending & Shipping Business Unit Manager at the Richmond Refinery.