Keeping the community informed


By Alan Davis

At Chevron, everything we do begins with our fundamental commitment to safety. Our safety culture reflects a code of conduct based on two key principles: do it safely or not at all and there is always time to do it right.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard possible and work very hard to protect people and the environment. Our goal is always to operate in a way where we do not negatively impact our community. This is the case in everything we do, from the color of our storage tanks to the designed redundancy and safeguards in our processes.

The Richmond Refinery has a comprehensive network of safety systems in place which enable us to operate reliably and safely. We’ve invested significant resources over the years in new equipment and technologies that have directly improved our safety and environmental performance.

Our commitment to safe, reliable operations is a continuous journey. As part of that commitment, we want you to have a clear and confident understanding of our operations including a sometimes visible part, flaring.

Read this May’s newsletter to learn more about these measures and how you can stay informed.

Alan Davis is the Operations Manager at the Richmond Refinery

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