Get to know Matt Johnson, Health And Safety Section Head


Title: Health and Safety Section head

Years with Chevron: Eight

Education: BS from West Point (U.S. Military Academy), General Engineering Studies, German Studies

Tell us about your job?

I am responsible for workforce safety and health initiatives within the Refinery. Supporting nearly 2,000 men and women who come through our gates on a daily basis requires a lot of panning and effort. This is a complex business, but we pride ourselves on having comprehensive programs in place. We work diligently to continually improve all aspects of Health and Safety and that effort is reflected in our performance.

What initiatives are you currently working on?

There is a strong culture of safety at the Refinery – it is the top priority for everyone and we all work to hold each other to the high standards and expectations set for us by both internal and external stakeholders. On an ongoing basis, we work to manage safe work practices at the Refinery, supporting all Operations and Maintenance personnel. We work with government agencies, like CalOSHA (Division of Occupational Safety and Health), who conduct routine and ongoing inspections to make sure that we remain compliant.

What do you like about Richmond?

Richmond is a beautiful place. I really enjoy spending time here. There are many parks and open spaces where I love walking my dogs, including Point Isabel. And I love the food: American Burger, Huong Tra and Sawad Dee Thai are some of my favorite places to eat.

What do you like about working for Chevron?

I moved to the Bay Area after serving for six years in the Army. I took my first job working in the oil and gas industry where I quickly learned more about Chevron, its culture, reputation and people. I applied, was hired and have found Chevron to be a great place to work. One of the things I admire most about Chevron is that doors will open if you perform well. I have been able to advance my career through my hard work and commitment

What makes people with military experience good employees?

As a veteran or someone with military experience, you bring an advance sense of self-awareness and leadership. From a very young age, the military places a significant amount of responsibility on your shoulders. To succeed you have to overcome numerous challenges and keep your team safe. Chevron recognizes this and values a high-level of integrity,strong work-ethic and level-headed decision making in the workforce.

Does Chevron offer any programs to support people with military experience?

Chevron is committed to being the employer of choice for qualified U.S. military veterans. The company has a lot of experience helping people who served our country transition to a civilian life. The Refinery also has an Employee Network for military veterans, where we get together regularly to share ideas and provide support for each other in our jobs and at home.