Get to know Naomi Woodard, Routine Maintenance Manager


Title: Routine Maintenance Manager

Education: BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College

Years with Chevron: 13

Tell us about your job?

I am part of the Routine Maintenance group here at the Refinery. We perform maintenance on all equipment that can be done “on the run,” or in other words, can happen while the Refinery plant is operational.

What kind of maintenance do you do?

Our focus is always on keeping our equipment running reliably and safely. To do this, we perform both proactive work and reactive work. Doing work on a proactive basis is an important part of our efforts. We balance our proactive maintenance work, like inspecting lube oil levels for a pump on a quarterly basis, with reactive maintenance, like repairing an instrument that isn’t functioning properly.

How do you decide if something is in need of repairs?

We prioritize work based on safety, health, risk to environment and other factors – constantly evaluating for things that could be a potential risk. Maintenance jobs are logged and tracked for timely completion. Protecting our workforce, neighbors and the environment is our top priority. When we think about maintenance, we always pause to ensure we can execute the work safely.

Tell us about your team?

I work on a team of about 200 refinery employees and an additional 200+ contractors, a majority of whom are local hires from the Bay Area. We start out every morning with a Start of Shift meeting to discuss the work, identify potential safety and/or environmental concerns and discuss ways to resolve any potential issues. Each person is empowered to use Stop Work Authority if they feel a job is unsafe or will lead to an environmental incident.

What do you like about working for Chevron?

The people. Everyone here is really engaged and proud of what we do. In the Routine Maintenance group, we are always striving to do things safer, smarter, and more efficiently. I have always been very impressed with the level of engagement of my colleagues to speak up and be involved. Operating safely and protecting the environment are not just priorities, they’re ingrained in the culture and an expectation of each employee.

What is the Real Richmond to you?

I recently moved here with my husband and one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, so we’re still getting acclimated. But immediately I have noticed the rich history that this city has and the pride for it shown by all its residents. I’m a big fan of culture and history and it’s neat to see that here. I see a lot of people are involved in the community and willing to help each other out.