Boat theft spike prompts Contra Costa Sheriff’s advisory

Boat theft spike prompts Contra Costa Sheriff's advisory
Photos courtesy of the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff.

A spike in boat thefts in the Delta has prompted an advisory from the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff.

In recent month, Contra Costa County has received more than a dozen stolen boat reports, and combined with neighboring counties there have been about two dozen boat thefts, the sheriff’s office said. The boats are being stripped for their outboard engines and tower speakers, and the rest of the boats are often abandoned, grounded, dumped or, in some cases, set on fire, officials said.

A variety of suspects have been identified, some of whom are in custody. But as the boat thefts have increased, the  Marine Services Unit is reaching out to boat owners to offer both warnings and tips.

-Always secure your boat, if possible to a dock with a chain.

-Use motion detection lights and cameras.

-Remove all portable electronics and anything of value from your boat.

-If you are at a marina, ensure you are not piggy-backed onto a private dock.

Report anything suspicious to local law enforcement by calling 911. The Marine Services Unit can be reached at (925) 427-8507.