Red Rock Island for sale at $25M

Red Rock Island pic courtesy of SFARMLS
Red Rock Island (Photo courtesy of SFARMLS)

By Kathy Chouteau

Fancy purchasing your own private island? It only costs $25 million and, chances are, you’ve probably spied Red Rock Island countless times while crossing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

The 5.8 acre property, uninhabited since the 1850s and the lone private island in the San Francisco Bay, is being listed by real estate agent Chris Lim, who’s been selling properties for more than two decades and says the rocky outcrop in the bay is his first-ever private island, according to CBS San Francisco.

To get there, you have to travel by boat, but it does offer a degree of privacy as nobody currently lives there—potentially just you and the birds. A local charter and marine service also vouches for it being a great fishing spot.

Lim said the island has belonged to a family for decades as a unique heirloom. “The island was acquired by my client, the sellers, many, many years ago through a bet,” Lim told CBS San Francisco. “It was a gem dealer who moved to Bangkok and a real estate attorney who had this bet that whoever lived the longest would acquire the island.”

The island’s location throws a possible monkey wrench into building something there as it falls under three counties, Contra Costa, Marin and San Francisco Counties, according to the report.

Learn more about the island and Lim’s contact info here.