North Richmond artist’s ‘heart’ is in San Francisco

North Richmond artist's 'heart' is in San Francisco
Malik Seneferu's piece (on far right) is on display in the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace. (Photo by Mike Aldax)

By Kathy Chouteau

A North Richmond resident and accomplished artist left his heart in San Francisco…and sold it.

Malik Seneferu, a local award-winning visual artist, created a 2024 “Hearts In San Francisco” sculpture, A Frisco Mood, on display at the Ferry Building in San Francisco now through Feb. 29th. The artist’s fast-selling heart sculpture already raised $5,000 in support of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG).

Seneferu’s work is being displayed as part of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s Hearts In SF public art program during its 20th turn around the sun, showcasing a collection of multi-sized heart sculptures created by Bay Area artists. There will be a short hiatus in the display of the hearts Feb. 5-9 for the Hearts in San Francisco Gala.

To date, the program’s raised over $12 million through auctions and sales, contributing critical funding to “innovative projects and initiatives that uphold the standard of high-quality, compassionate care at ZSFG,” according to representatives.

The North Richmond artist is not only self-taught, but also extremely prolific, having created more than 1,000 works, ranging from paintings, murals and woodworks to installations, films and public art. He explores race, protest, politics, violence and identity in his artwork, being best known for his surrealist portraits of Black Identity.

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