Catahoula Coffee energizes community

Catahoula Coffee energizes community.
Catahoula Coffee at 12472 San Pablo Ave.

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Reporter Kathy Chouteau recently stopped by the coffee shop at 12472 San Pablo Ave. for her usual latte.

She also picked up a pound of Catahoula’s Not Dead Yet coffee. As Chouteau reported last summer, founding Catahouligan Timber Manhart launched Not Dead Yet as a fundraiser for one of his customer’s sons, Jason Becker, a once-rising guitarist battling Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Catahoula Coffee is popular for the quality of its coffee, and also its community feel. The cafe feels like the set of Cheers.

“It feels like people know each other, it’s very comfortable,” she said.

Ariel Miles is a regular customer who rides her bike from her home to get her coffee fix. She usually orders the cappuccino. On the day she bumped into Chouteau at the cafe, Miles “decided to be a bit more fun” and ordered Catahoula’s Mexi Mocha.

Those who would prefer fresh air with their cup of Joe can also hang out in Catahoula Coffee’s also-comfy outdoor patio.

On this day, however, Chouteau took her latte, and ominously named coffee grounds, to enjoy with her family at their East Richmond Heights home.