Catahoula Coffee sets sights on two-story addition

Richmond coffee houses ready “to-go” serving caffeine-loving community
Catahoula Coffee at 12472 San Pablo Ave. (near Clinton Ave.) in Richmond.

By Kathy Chouteau

Catahoula Coffee plans to expand its existing shop on San Pablo Avenue in Richmond and is currently awaiting the green light from the City’s Design Review Board.

Plans are in place to build a ±1,764 square-foot, two-story addition at the back of Catahoula Coffee’s building to include a ground level, three-car garage with two charging stations for delivery vans, office space, and storage on the upper floor, according to the Design Review Board’s Staff Report.

Timber Manhart, founder of Catahoula Coffee, said that the pandemic has changed their business model quite a bit and that it’s been difficult having everything outside. The new space is all about better organization so that they can continue to grow. He said the project will also allow the coffee business to have storage for its dry goods and will not impact its parking lot at all. It will also not infringe on its indoor/outdoor café space.

He added that he also has plans to purchase an electric van soon, so the new garage will be a great place to store it. Manhart said he originally intended to do a much bigger project, but scaled it back. He joked, “It’s basically a glorified garage.”

Manhart shared that the project was up for consideration by Richmond’s Design Review Board Wed., Nov. 8, but the meeting was suspended due to it not having a quorum. He anticipates that the board will review it by the end of the month.

According to the Design Review Board’s Staff Report for the suspended meeting, the project appears to be recommended for approval based on certain findings and conditions. Also noted in the report was the transformation of Catahoula Coffee’s surrounding neighborhood. “The area is becoming vibrant with new business establishments helping to create a healthy and viable neighborhood.”

Catahoula Coffee is located at 12472 San Pablo Ave. in Richmond. For more info, call (510) 235-0525.