Animal Fix Clinic’s GoFundMe to support new state-of-the-art space

Animal Fix Clinic’s GoFundMe to support new state-of-the-art space
Photos courtesy of Animal Fix Clinic.

By Kathy Chouteau

Richmond’s Animal Fix Clinic, which provides low cost, high quality spay/neuter and essential surgical services to cats and dogs, launched a GoFundMe campaign to help support its expansion to a new clinic in Pinole.

The move—which was spurred by its current, rented location being put on the market—is anticipated to take place in late 2024. The relocation to a more spacious building, which belonged to the Pinole Animal Shelter and which Animal Fix Clinic purchased below market value, will enable it to build a state-of-the-art clinic where it can expand its services to better meet community needs.

Last year, the clinic served 7,000 animals through spay/neuter and other surgical interventions, per its website.

“Demands for our services outpaces supply,” said Carina DeVera, vice president of Animal Fix Clinic’s Board of Directors. She said that while the need is so intense, they are currently limited in their tiny space in Richmond. With the move, she said the Animal Fix Clinic hopes to stay open seven days a week and increase its capacity.

Ideas to increase its capacity at the new space includes building a state-of-the-art surgery suite with recovery rooms for the animals and creating a well thought-out space with a smooth check-in process. DeVera said their staff is trained in being Fear Free Certified, so the clinic looks to provide an experience for the animals that’s as stress-free as possible, while also providing low cost—but high quality—care. Learn more about plans for the new space here.

When it comes to misconceptions about the Animal Fix Clinic, DeVera said that some people still recall their former name, “Fix Our Ferals”—and as such, believe they only serve cats. While serving ferals is indeed part of its mission, since 2017 the clinic has been serving both cats and dogs.

The board VP also emphasized that even though Animal Fix Clinic offers services via a sliding scale of fees, it’s high quality. The flexible fees are due to the clinic’s belief that “no family should have to surrender or euthanize a beloved pet due to being unable to afford the care needed,” per its website.  

The clinic is also not a routine vet clinic or an animal shelter, per DeVera. Rather, it offers life-saving care and is a resource for animal welfare in the community.

“It’s such a crucial moment in our history…It’s the next chapter in our story and we just really, really appreciate the support,” said DeVera about the community rallying on behalf of Animal Fix Clinic’s fundraising goals. To date, the clinic has raised $26,962 of its $50,000 goal.

To donate to support Animal Fix Clinic’s GoFundMe, click here. The clinic is currently located at 12226 San Pablo Ave. in Richmond. Call (510) 215-9300. The new Pinole location—set to open in late 2024—will be located at 910 San Pablo Ave. in Pinole.