VIDEO: Richmond firefighters battle car fires


A vehicle recently rolled down the embankment and started a small fire after a solo-vehicle crash on I-80, and separately, a car fire spread to a small portion of vegetation in the area of San Pablo and Stanton avenues.

Richmond Firefighters Local 188, the union that represents Richmond firefighters, recently shared video footage from the two incidents, calling them “a few of the more significant calls” for just one of its engine crews, E68, in the past few days.

Good news is the occupants of the vehicle that rolled partially down the embankement were able to safely make it out of the car. The ensuing car fire that began in a small engine compartment was quickly handled by Station 68 members, according to Local 188.

No injuries were reported in the car fire incident in the area of San Pablo and Stanton avenues.

Check out Local 188’s video involving the incidents here.