Animal Services rescues dog stranded in Richmond marshland


Despite challenges, Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) rescued a dog that was stranded in marshland near the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond and reuinted him with his owner.

Animal Services reported receiving several calls about the stranded dog. While they responded to the scene multiple times and saw the dog, they were unable to initially rescue him because of the tide and the dog’s fearfulness, according to CCAS.

Several days ago, two officers responded but were once again thwarted by the tide.

“They tried for quite some time to coax the dog to them and were prepared to leave a trap,” CCAS reported. “Eventually, they were able to get the dog out of the marshland and were able to catch him.”

The dog, named Benji, was soon after reuinted with his owners, who were “so thankful we found him,” stated CCAS.

“They said that he had gotten out of their yard about a week prior and they’ve been looking for him ever since,” officials said. “They came in as soon as they saw him on our website.”