RPAL’s annual Shop-With-A-Cop treats 57 kids at Walmart

All photos courtesy of RPAL.
All photos courtesy of RPAL.

By Mike Kinney

Fifty-seven local kids participated in Richmond Police Activities League’s 15th Annual Shop-With-A-Cop at the Richmond Walmart on Wednesday.

The RPAL raised $11,000 from the community to fund the special day.

Kids participating in the event received $100 to shop at Walmart. They were paired up with shopping chaperons that included Richmond police officers, firefighters and volunteers.

Funding for the program came from the Charles Reid Foundation, Chevron Richmond, 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center, Mechanics Bank, Sims Metal Management, MA Hays Insurance, Chief Bisa French, the Richmond Police Officers Association and a host of other individual donors, said RPAL Executive Director Larry Lewis.

“Thank you, Richmond, for making RPAL and the youth of Richmond you pal,” Lewis said.

RPAL is a longtime Richmond nonprofit that provides athletic and educational programming while creating a connection between community and police in a 40,000 square feet building near downtown Richmond.