Human remains found on Richmond beach

Richmond police investigate homicide on Pullman Avenue
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Investigators suspect that a shoe containing remains of a human foot that was discovered on a Richmond beach on Saturday belonged to a person who jumped from either the Golden Gate Bridge or Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

A person made the grisly discovery at 2:45 p.m. Saturday on a beach several hundred yards down from Point San Pablo Harbor, according Richmond Police spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy. The blue athletic Saucony shoe was reported to be in good condition.

“This is not uncommon for human body parts to wash up on the shoreline due to the direction of the tide from either the Golden Gate or Richmond-San Rafael bridges,” Pomeroy said.

The foot was taken to the County Coroner’s Office for further investigation. Police plan to follow up with the Coroner’s Office to determine the race and gender of the person to whom the foot belonged. Investigators are also working with the California Department of Justice to try to make an identification, Pomeroy said.