Richmond neighborhood bands together to clear excess vegetation

Richmond neighborhood bands together to clear excess vegetation
Photo courtesy of the city.

Want to know how to beautify your neighborhood and prepare it for wildfire season in a single day? Just call the Greenbriar Neighborhood Council.

In September, residents of the Richmond neighborhood worked with volunteers to clear excess vegetation on sidewalk areas and yards. While neighbors cut branches on their properties, cleaned out their gutters and trimmed yard vegetation, volunteers trimmed weeds and overhanging brush from selected area sidewalks, according to the city.

A 40 cubic yard green waste dumpster was made accessible to all residents. Volunteers conducted curbside pickup of green waste in the morning to support residents needing help transporting their yard trimmings to the dumpster. In the afternoon, the volunteers assisted residents who brought truckloads of vegetation, according to the city.

The single-day effort was supported by a Love Your Block Mini-Grant from the City of Richmond’s Office, Economic Development and Community Services Department.  In addition, Greenbriar neighbors loaned landscaping equipment for the cleanup such as rakes, brooms, clippers and shovels.

According to the city, the Greenbriar Neighborhood Council “will gladly provide information and guidance to any other neighborhoods interested in hosting a similar event.”

“The mini-grant project will continue to distribute fire-wise education materials provided by the Richmond Fire Department and advise residents of wildfire prevention strategies,” the city said.