Richmond shoe store burglars make off with 100 pairs of Yeezies

Richmond shoe store burglars make off with 100 pairs of Yeezies
Exclusive Shoe is located at 4926 McBryde Ave. in Richmond. (Photo credit: Mike Kinney)

By Kathy Chouteau

The Richmond Police Department responded to a commercial burglary in the early morning hours of Thursday at the Exclusive Shoes store, 4926 McBryde Ave. in Richmond.

At 12:01 a.m., a store representative—who had been observing security surveillance remotely—notified police that several people were inside the business stealing merchandise.

Richmond officers on the scene witnessed eight-to-ten suspects fleeing the store with shoe boxes and then escaping in multiple vehicles. A Contra Costa County deputy pursued the last vehicle leaving the scene, eventually apprehending the suspect in San Francisco. A face mask, several pairs of new shoes and other incriminating evidence was found in the suspect’s car.

During an ensuing investigation by Richmond Police Department property detectives, approximately 100 pairs of Yeezy brand sneakers, athletic apparel and electronics were identified as having been stolen. The burglary appeared to be an isolated incident and no other businesses were targeted, according to Richmond police.  

Anyone with info about this crime is asked to contact Property Detective J. Odegaard at 510-965-4966 or or call Richmond’s anonymous tip line at 510-907-T1PS (8177). 


  1. Let me guess these persons were expressing their right to protest by harming these small business owners. Unacceptable, but hey let me guess it’s there right to be A holes. Maybe if they tell the POS DA Becton they needed to steal the shoes and did not want them she will let them walk. WTG empowering idiots.

  2. Nice BLM sign, apparently the guys who stole from you do not care about your Black owned business.

    The police should have just let the guy get away not like anyone got hurt.

  3. Sorry for your losses and the incident of your business. Just FYI, the system has put Black people into such a deep depression digression , there’s no more of caring for one other’s business. It’s every man for themselves. And if you’re business is my best come up, then so be it! Sorry to say it, but that is the poor man lame excuse of survival. Hell I’m a inventor in the city of Richmond. My own mother stole from me. And got paid for my invention. Now you tell me what hurts the worst a stranger or your mother.


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