Health officials warn about ‘swimmer’s itch’ at Keller Beach

Health officials warn against swimming at Keller Beach
Keller Beach

Contra Costa County health officials are warning residents and visitors against swimming at Keller Beach due to recent incidents of “swimmer’s itch.”

Recent visitor experiences “have led us to suspect that there are tiny organisms in the beach water and wet sand that can cause a skin irritation called ‘swimmer’s itch,'” officials said in a statement Tuesday.

The condition causes the skin at the feet and ankles to become irritated or itchy and small red marks may appear. The rash is the only symptom and this condition causes no longterm health effects, nor is it contagious.

“You are advised to limit contact with the beach water and wet sand,” officials said. “If you do enter the water, rinse with fresh water and towel dry thoroughly. Bring your own jug of fresh water to wash off with. If symptoms continue, consult a physician.”

For more information, contact Contra Costa County Environmental Health at (925) 608-5500 or visit

For information on swimmer’s itch, visit the Center for Disease Control at here.