Person fatally shot in Richmond this morning

The street where the shooting occurred (NOT exact location).

A person was fatally shot on Loyola Drive in Richmond Tuesday morning.

Police responded to a reportabout the shooting about 9:50 a.m., Richmond police spokesperson Alicia Moore said.

There were no arrests or suspect information immediately available. The RPD Homicide unit is actively investigating, Moore said.

The shooting was the latest in a spate of gun violence causing concern in the city.


  1. Richmond Police should arrest the city council for their incompetent leadership and then evict them from Contra Costa county. Then the police should issue confiscated pistols to every known gangster in Richmond and let them kill each other off. That will free up their baby mamas for all of the law abiding men who need to get their freak on and smash once in awhile or want to play captain save a hoe. Kaiser emergency should refuse any gun shot victims who have been shot before, or are wearing tennis shoes worth more than $100. The jail should stop feeding, entertaining, and clothing prisoners. The jail should distribute condoms and lube with sand mixed in to all their inmates. This will cut the crime rate significantly.


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