Richmond police rank-and-file vote ‘no confidence’ in police chief

Richmond police chief calls homicide clearance report misleading
Richmond police Chief Allwyn Brown.

The Richmond Police Officers Association announced Thursday that the rank-and-file members of the Richmond Police Department overwhelmingly lack confidence in the leadership of Chief Allwyn Brown.

The RPOA recently voted 117-19, or 86-percent, for no confidence in the chief’s leadership. The results were shared at the Community Police Review Commission on Wednesday.

The RPOA is asking City Council and Interim City Manager Steven Falk to take action that includes a “thorough investigation.”

In a statement, RPOA President Ben Therriault said the chief has failed to address management problems identified last year by an independent review of RPD, and that it has led to the departure of veteran offers to other departments.

“Additionally, 8 more veteran officers have informed the POA that they will depart within the year,” Therriault said. “The current rudderless ship at the police department requires change at the helm. Leadership, and it’s lack thereof, always starts at the top.”

Chief Brown has not yet responded to the RPOA’s action.