7 Richmond mail carriers surpass a million accident-free miles

7 Richmond mail carriers surpass a million accident-free miles
Photo Credit: US Postal Service

Seven mail carriers operating out of the Richmond McVitte Station achieved the lofty safety goal of driving a million accident-free miles within the city limits, according to the U.S. Postal Service.

The mail carriers — Alonzo Westbrooks, Luis Gonzalez, Joey Kazarian, Henry Flores, Harvinder Singh-Agroia, Robert Johnson and Santos Bautista — will be inducted into the National Safety Council’s “Million Mile Club” on Thursday, May 23 at 10 a.m. at the McVitte station at 2100 Chanslor Ave.

Drivers who have accumulated one-million miles or 30 years of driving without being involved in a single preventable motor vehicle accident qualifies for the Million Mile Club.

It’s quite a feat considering that driving a million accident-free miles is equivalent to traveling 334 times across the country, or 40 times around the Earth, with not so much as a fender bender, according to USPS.

“Our postal drivers are among the safest in the world,” said Bay-Valley District Manager Robert Reynosa. “The truly remarkable achievement by our McVitte Station mail carriers demonstrates how postal employees continue to deliver on the promise of delivering their best every day with care, courtesy and concern for the safety of others.”

How do they maintain safety? For Singh-Agroia, it’s always wearing a seatbelt. And for Johnson, it’s to “expect the unexpected in order to avoid it.” And to Westbrook, his most important goal is simply to “go home like I came in to get to my family safe and sound.”