Luxury cat hotel aims to open in Richmond

Luxury cat hotel aims to open in Richmond
The Mau House Cat Hotel aims to open at Macdonald Avenue and 29th Street.

UPDATE: The Richmond Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for the Mau House Cat Hotel.

A family-owned luxury cat hotel aims to open at 2829 Macdonald Ave. in Richmond, at 29th Street.

Julie Pledger is applying for a conditional use permit to operate the Mau House Cat Hotel, which she describes as a luxury cat boarding facility featuring 11 cat rooms and a retail area selling merchandise such as litter, toys and beds. The business aims to operate out of the 5,000 square foot space once used by a medical clinic. The permit is set to be reviewed by the Planning Commission tonight, and city staff is recommending its approval on the condition that the property see improvements to landscaping, fencing and a small parking lot.

“This will be a unique facility in the East Bay, being luxury cat only boarding,” Pledger said in a note to the Planning Commission.

The business received a thumbs up from the North & East Neighborhood Council. At its meeting April 24, the council voted unanimously in favor of the cat hotel following a presentation by Pledger.

“We welcome a new business into the neighborhood that will fill a need in the neighborhood,” Jan Mignone, president of the neighborhood council, stated in a notice to the commission. “We look forward to having a new and exciting business in the North & East NC that first with the area and the people of Richmond.”


  1. What a neat idea! I have three cats and when we go out of town, I’d love an option other than a vet hospital, to give my cats the love and attention they need/deserve! Can’t wait for it to open!

    • Me too, I have two and I take them to a bed and breakfast when I go out of town. I still worry, but it eliminates some worry knowing they are not home alone.

  2. I”m happy that they are opening. However, being truthful, this business is not unusual. There are many cat-only boarding facilities in the bay area. Whoever said this is “unique” is just plain making stuff up. There are none in Richmond nor El Cerrito. I wish them well and those of us who have pets needs all the options we can get!


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