Richmond mayor seeks suggestions for naming ferry terminal

Richmond mayor seeks suggestions for naming ferry terminal
The Richmond Ferry terminal is located next to the Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way S.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt is recommending a name change for the new Richmond Ferry Terminal.

In his popular e-forum newsletter, the mayor called the current name, FT-RCH, unimaginative. The FT stands for ferry terminal, and RCH for Richmond.

“Ferry terminals get names similar to those given airports,” the mayor said. “So as San Francisco International is known as ‘SFO’ and Oakland’s airport at ‘OAK’ the designation for, say, the Ferry Building is ‘FB-SFO.’  Pier 41 is ‘41-SFO.’

He added, “There may be an opportunity, in these early days, to appeal to change this to something more fun, something like:  RR-RCH (‘RR’ for ‘Rosie the Riveter’) CP-RCH (‘CP’ for ‘Craneway Pavilion’).

The mayor is taking suggestions from the community.

What the mayor doesn’t want to see changes is the new ferry service’s popularity. Last month, we reported that ridership exceeded projections by nearly 50 percent in its first month., with nearly 14,000 passengers, averaging 636 passengers per weekday.