Richmond author unveils newest Japanese cookbook

Richmond author unveils newest Japanese cookbook
Lucy Selgman and her book via Amazon

By Kathy Chouteau

Richmond author Lucy Seligman has announced the release of her second cookbook, Easy Japanese Recipes for the Home Cook. The author said she created her newest cookbook for home chefs new to Japanese cooking.

According to Seligman, her culinary resume in Japan spans the gamut from being a restaurant critic, to being a food historian and writer to being the owner of her a cooking school called Lucy’s Kitchen. She also authored Gochiso-sama, or “Thanks for the Meal,” a newsletter she created that covered Japanese cuisine and through which she shared her original recipes. Today, Seligman says her Japanese culinary journey continues as a food blogger with a blog by the same name.

“I want everyone who follows ‘Thanks for the Meal’ to know that they, too, can be skilled at Japanese cooking,” said Seligman, who has lived in Japan. “It’s easier than you might think!”

Circling back to her current book launch, Seligman said that from appetizers to desserts, her new cookbook “will have readers ready to throw a phenomenal Japanese-themed dinner for friends and family that will leave them awe-struck.”

Click here to purchase Easy Japanese Recipes for the Home Cook. Seligman is also the author of The Wonderful World of Osechi: Japanese New Year’s Recipes. For more info, contact Lucy Seligman via email at [email protected].