Oakland A’s honor Andre Williams as Coach of the Month

Andre Williams honored by Oakland A’s as Coach of the Month
Photo courtesy of Oakland A's/Andre Williams.

By Kathy Chouteau

San Pablo’s Andrew Williams has been named Coach of the Month for July by the Oakland A’s and has been invited by the team to throw out a first pitch of the game next week at Oakland Coliseum.

Community members will recall Coach Williams heads up the San Pablo Cowboys Youth Association (currently welcoming signups for youth football and cheer) and the San Pablo Baseball Association. He also bears the distinction of starting his city’s first all-girls baseball team last fall, sponsored by the Mike Norris Baseball Academy and the West Contra Costa Salesian Boys & Girls Club.

On his Facebook page, Coach Williams said he is “honored to be throwing out [the] first pitch of the Oakland Athletics vs. Boston Red Sox game Tues., July 18th! Hope I still got it!” The Oakland A’s will also treat Coach Williams to complimentary tickets to the game, as well as field credentials and parking.

“Andre doesn’t take a day off,” the Oakland A’s shared about Coach Williams on their website. “He’s very relentless in getting things done for the children. He goes well out of his way to make sure everything is going how it should be. He often goes to the mission to feed homeless and children, and pays out of his own pocket to make sure kids have gloves and cleats.”

Also on their website, the Oakland A’s stated that the Coach of the Month “exemplifies the winning combination of passion for the game and going above and beyond to help the next generation of baseball and softball legends.”

Check out Coach Andre Williams being honored as Coach of the Month on the Oakland A’s website.