Richmond Police honor graduating daughter of fallen officer

Image courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

By Kathy Chouteau 

The Richmond Police Department (RPD) never forgets. This fact was never more evident than when RPD officers escorted Maddy Moody, the daughter of their fallen colleague, Officer Bradley Moody, to her recent high school graduation.

While the Richmond Standard will keep her school’s name private, when Maddy set off from home for her high school graduation in a nearby city, RPD officers were there to escort her via a caravan, per a department post June 10 on Facebook.

Upon her arrival, “Chief [Bisa] French presented her with flowers and shared a personal moment with her,” stated the RPD, while “Officers flanked the walkway as Maddy entered the high school stadium to receive her diploma.” The RPD stated that Maddy’s uncles, RPD Sgt. James Moody and Fairfield PD Sgt. Frank Piro, were by her side for the entire procession.

If the name “Moody” sounds familiar to Richmond residents, it’s due, in part, to the Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass being named in Officer Moody’s honor in the city’s Marina Bay neighborhood. Officer Moody perished in 2008 at 29 years old when his patrol car crashed on Marina Bay Parkway while responding to a felony assault call, per the RPD. Maddy was three-years old at the time, and joined her mother, Susan, and sister in mourning his loss.

The RPD never forgot their fellow officer and were there to support Maddy on her special day, along with other family and friends. “Happy graduation Maddy! You are, and will always be, a part of the RPD family,” stated the department on Facebook.

The RPD also gave a shout-out to the Vacaville PD and Vacaville Fire Department, as well as the Fairfield PD, for joining them in “honoring Officer Brad Moody’s service and sacrifice.”