3-year-old ‘recruit’ tours Richmond Police Department

3-year-old 'recruit' tours Richmond Police Department
All photos courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

The RPD’s latest recruit — 3-year-old Alex — recently showed up to work in full uniform.

Upon arrival, officers pinned an honorary junior officer badge to his uniform. Then he got to work touring the RPD headquarters. The RPD provided photos from Officer Alex’s day on the job. Despite the popular belief that cops regularly snack on doughnuts, none are seen in photos from the day’s activities. A birthday cake was involved, however.

That was the actual reason for the Alex’s visit. See, Alex loves watching police cars drive by with their flashing lights and the cool uniforms officers wear. Recently, when Alex’s mother met Assistant Chief Simmons at a local business near 23rd Street, she told him that her son dreamed to become a police officer.

After mentioning Alex’s birthday was coming up, Assistant Chief Tim Simmons invited Alex and his mom to tour the RPD and hang out with officers for a special birthday treat. During the visit, he received some “Richmond swag,” too.

In the end, RPD officers said they hoped to give little Alex a memorable birthday. But there’s a long-game involved, too.

“Maybe in another 18 years we can see him again wearing an actual RPD uniform,” the RPD stated. “Happy birthday, Alex!”