Community mourns death of federal officer Dave Patrick Underwood

Dave Patrick Underwood. (Photo credit: Pinole PD)

By Mike Kinney

The local community is grieving the death of Pinole resident Dave Patrick Underwood, a 53-year-old Federal Protective Service officer who was shot and killed while on duty amid protests in Oakland on Friday.

The shooting occurred at the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building at 1301 Clay St. about 9:45 p.m. Friday, amid protesting over the death of George Floyd, according to the FBI.

A white van reportedly pulled up to the building and an occupant began firing gunshots at security personnel stationed outside. Two officers who had been guarding the building amid the protests were shot. Underwood died from his injuries and the other officer is in critical condition, according to federal authorities. “No suspect has been named and it wasn’t clear if the killing was connected to the protest,” the Associated Press reported.

Underwood’s sister, Angela Jacob Underwood, confirmed her brother’s death on Facebook: “My brother, Dave Patrick Underwood, a federal officer, was murdered 5/29/20 in Oakland California, while on duty during the riots. This Violence Must Stop.”

News of Underwood’s murder stunned the local community, where Underwood grew up. He attended both Pinole Valley High and Contra Costa College. Grieving co-workers, friends and former classmates are fondly remembering him.
Antwon Cloird, Richmond community advocate and co-founder of community organization Soulful Softball Sunday, said Underwood had visited him at his home just last Wednesday. Cloird has known Underwood for about eight years and grew up with some of his family members. Underwood “truly loved” his family, friends and job, Cloird said. And he also loved cars.
“Had just got his Datsun Z car out of the garage, he had three of them,” said Cloird.
 “He was a good man, everybody in the community loved him. His family has strong ties to Richmond.”
Rodney Alamo Brown, also a community advocate and Soulful Softball Sunday co-founder, described Underwood as a “great guy” and “a wonderful baseball player as well.” Brown said Underwood had donated to Soulful Softball Sunday, an organization that gathers community members annually for softball, unity and resources and conducts charitable acts throughout the year.
On social media, an outpouring of tributes were posted to Underwood. Underwood’s “positivity, compassion, empathy and shining smile” will be missed, Tom Quinn posted to Facebook. High school friend LaTonya Simmons-Ford mourned the loss of a “good, hardworking man and a good friend.”

Federal officials are condemning the attacks on the officers. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli called the shooting an “act of domestic terrorism.” Acting Secretary of the DHS Chad Wolf added, “An assassin cowardly shot two federal protective contractors as they stood watch over a protest.”


  1. Has Barbara Lee apologized to the family yet?

    I’m askingbecause she went on MSNBC and irresponsibly called for “protest” “activism” and “street heat” to stir up trouble for Trump, and Mr. Underwood died as a result of just the kind of “pritest”, “activism”, and “street heat” that Lee demanded.

    • These people who have been stirring and instigating to more violence and crime should be persecuted and punished immediately, the bloodshed of those Americans completely unnecessary if people like her just stay off the picture, we don’t accept what already happened to George Floyd why added more death, pain and destruction to more good people and their families.

  2. Patrick deserves respect and appreciation for being the brave American hero that he was.
    My heart breaks 💔 for his sister and family. This is too painful and senseless. Where is the 5 story mural painted to commerate the life and career of this good, dedicated man ?

  3. I am sorry this family has endure this unnecessary loss. All the hate that is erupting in our cities is something he was guarding and protecting us from, love is the only thing that will change peoples hearts and that is what Dave Patrick Underwood was demonstrating as a Federal Officer. Protecting and serving with honor.

  4. According to the FBI, he was among those officers recently killed by right wing extremists using the protests as “cover” to foment civil war. Mr. Underwood is not a political pawn. His life mattered.


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