Fueling Human Energy – A History of Aviation Innovation


By Karen Forthuber

From powering the tractors and other equipment that enable California farmers to feed the hungry, to innovations that enable drivers to get more out of a gallon of gas and keep engines running longer, and so much more, the Richmond Refinery helps fuel the human energy we all use in our daily lives.

One of the important product streams that we produce is jet fuel and aviation gasoline. The Richmond Refinery is the largest provider of jet fuel to the San Francisco Airport, and the only producer of aviation gasoline on the West Coast.

Our jet fuel is used in commercial airliners that give us freedom and mobility, in air cargo fleets that bring us our packages, in military jets that keep us safe and even in the air tankers that fight wildfires. We also make the aviation gas for small planes used by hobbyist pilots.

Chevron’s Richmond Technology Center has fueled energy innovation, including a number of aviation firsts, for more than a century. Did you know that some of the most historic flights of all time were powered using jet fuel developed by Chevron? Including Amelia Earhart’s historic trips. 

Check out this infographic to learn more about how aviation gas and jet fuel propel the planes that ship packages, fight wildfires, and train Air Force pilots.

While we all depend on cars, buses and public transit to get around the Bay Area, our region depends on air travel to enable us to efficiently get products and people where they need to go. By supplying reliable products to the region’s airports, we are making a direct contribution to the economy, powering growth and supporting jobs.

Read the October Newsletter for more details on the history of our work in supporting aviation.

Karen Forthuber is the Oils Planning Manager at the Richmond Refinery