Chevron Speaks with Guy Davis


Tell us about your job as the Area Maintenance Lead.

We perform any maintenance-related work within the Hydroprocessing Unit. My job is to prioritize work and to help coordinate maintenance work in this area of the refinery. Routine and preventative maintenance is an important part of what we do to keep the refinery operating safely and reliably.

What has diversity and inclusion meant to you throughout your career?

Diversity is more than what just something that we can see or talk about. What’s really important is having a diversity of thought and experience. At the Richmond Refinery, we are a global and local business. In order to be successful, we have to understand that people have different perspectives and that is something we should not only respect but actively encourage.

How do you foster diversity and inclusion as the Area Maintenance Lead?

In my every day job, I work to promote and encourage different points of view and I think that is what makes Chevron successful. Diverse opinions and perspectives make us all work better and improve processes. At Chevron, I am involved with both the Black Employee Network (BEN) and XYZ, a network that bridges the gap between generations and employees of all age groups.

Tell us more about the Employee Networks at Chevron.

Chevron sponsors a number of employee networks and they’re a great way to promote unity within the workforce. One of the major purposes is to expose each other to diversity of thought. The networks are a support group for employees of shared backgrounds, but they also raise awareness to the unique perspectives, cultures and viewpoints of our entire workforce.

What opportunities have opened up to you through your involvement in the Employee Networks?

One great example is a recent Lunch and Learn that was sponsored by BEN and XYZ. A third party advisor came on-site to give financial advice. There was something for everyone to learn, whether it was about starting a 401K or how to budget with personal finances.

What else is Chevron doing to encourage a diverse workforce?

Chevron recognizes that recruiting, retaining and developing people of diverse backgrounds is important to the company’s success. The company sponsors several recruiting organizations aimed at targeting diversity in the workforce, such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). This shows the company’s understanding that diversity within the workplace promotes success and drives productivity.   

Tell us more about how you give back to the community.

I love to give back. I find opportunities through the Chevron HumanKind Program – where Chevron matches contributions made by employees. This allows us to really multiply our impact in the community. I am passionate about preparing youth for their futures. Because of this, I mentor at the local high schools here in Richmond and have found that this work really makes a difference.  

Why do you like working for the Refinery?

I am a problem solver. The Refinery does a great job of challenging people and stimulating them intellectually. Chevron truly promotes diversity of thought. The company has always allowed and encouraged us to be unique and genuinely ourselves.