Chevron is promoting diversity and inclusion


By Christine Haswell

Chevron is a proud proponent of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that values and respects the unique talents, experiences and ideas of everyone. 

Diversity and inclusion are not just words, they are the cornerstones of our values, which we call The Chevron Way. These core values are critical to developing the talented, high-performing workforce needed for our ongoing success. They also help us build strong relationships and learn from the communities where we operate, like Richmond.

During my 20 year career at Chevron, I have seen my female colleagues benefit from – and my male colleagues promote – a supportive environment designed to ensure women have the same opportunities as men.

I’m excited to be a part of an initiative which is focused on improving dialogue on diversity and inclusion here at the Refinery. It moves beyond the standard of providing equal opportunities for all regardless of someone’s gender, age, culture or sexual orientation into including broader diversity in ideas, talents and experiences. It’s something that I hope will ensure everyone in the next generation of our workforce has the same opportunities to succeed that I had. It’s also the right thing to do.

The March issue of our Richmond Today community newsletter explores diversity and inclusion at Chevron. Read the full issue of the newsletter to learn more these programs.

Christine Haswell is the Refinery Business Manager, Hydroprocessing at the Richmond Refinery