Get to know Laurie Mintzer, Environmental Specialist


Title: Environmental Specialist

Years with Chevron: Four

Education: B.S. Environmental Engineering from Purdue University, Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Notre Dame

Tell us about your job?

I’m part of an air quality team that ensures the Refinery is following federal, state and local rules. Our work helps improve the air quality in Richmond, as well as throughout the greater Bay Area. We review data from our air monitoring stations, looking for trends and then work to identify and mitigate sources of emissions. Based on Bay Area Air Quality Management District measurements of criteria pollutants, Richmond enjoys some of the best air quality in the Bay Area.

How do you measure air quality?

In 2014, we installed six air monitoring stations (3 along our fenceline and 3 in neighborhoods adjacent to the Refinery) to monitor and track air quality in Richmond. The equipment is state of the art and it tracks more than twenty chemical compounds. Data is collected 24 hours a day and is published in real time online for the community to see.

What do you like about your job at the Refinery?

We are very proud of the work we do to produce the transportation products that keep us on the move with the lowest emissions possible. I got involved in this field because I wanted to make change from the inside of industry. I am able to make a positive impact on our environment and air quality while working for a company like Chevron.

What do you like about Chevron?

I love the Chevron culture. Chevron operates with integrity and is a very transparent company, both to the public and to our employees. We want to do the right thing both for the community and our workforce.

What do you like to do in Richmond?

I work on a small team and we really enjoy going out for lunch to local restaurants – Up and Under is one of our favorite spots.

What is the Real Richmond to you?

Richmond is home to Rosie the Riveter. I recently volunteered with Rosie’s Girls which inspires young girls to not only be involved in careers that aren’t typically thought of for women, but to also study math and science. You can see the power of Rosie as a positive female role model. I believe that Richmond is a place that inspires young women more than other cities.

Why is STEM education so important for young women?

It is important to spark girls’ interest in STEM so that they get the education they need to advance their economic status and careers. There are a lot of good opportunities in science and math. I am proud to work for a company that is working in the community to inspire all youth to be more involved with science, engineering, technology and math.