Richmond: The Birthplace of Innovation


While Chevron may be best known for producing the clean transportation fuels that we use on a daily basis, our operations in Richmond are also home to an advanced research and development campus that has fueled innovation for more than a century.

As the research headquarters for a number of Chevron’s worldwide operations, RTC, located next to the Refinery, is an essential part of keeping the company competitive. The 1.2 million square foot campus, which features an expansive laboratory for researching and testing automobiles, is looking to the future by researching and testing new ways to help engines run more efficiently.

We provide jobs for approximately 1,200 employees and contractors, including 170 PhD scientists. The workers come from around the world to help develop newer, cleaner and more efficient transportation products and alternative and renewable fuels, including biofuels and solar, wind and geothermal power.


Some of our country’s greatest fuel-related innovations were developed in Richmond. These include providing the gasoline used to test the first Ford Model T automobiles, and producing the first fuel specifically for airplanes, which was used by Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart in their historic flights.

But perhaps our greatest achievement is the development of Techron, which is the first patented additive developed for engines running unleaded gasoline. Techron has been reformulated over the years to increasingly reduce emissions, keep vital engine components clean and preserve original engine performance by preventing harmful deposits.

An important part of the work that we do is focused on developing cleaner burning fuels and high-performance base oils that are used in car, truck and marine engines, manufacturing operations and the food industry. Cleaner fuels and premium base oils are better for the environment because they produce fewer emissions and contain fewer impurities, which improves the performance of your car or truck.

Our team of scientists in Richmond are continually focused on delivering a competitive advantage to our business partners through technology. Our work is an example of how technology is being used to make our lives better. And we’re proud Richmond is helping lead the way.