Get to know an Environmental Field Coordinator from the Richmond Refinery


EMPLOYEE NAME: Gregory Dannel Reed

JOB AT CHEVRON: Environmental Field Coordinator, Volunteer Fire Brigade Member at the Chevron Fire Department


EDUCATION: BA in rhetoric and media studies at Willamette College in Salem, Oregon

Tell us about your job at Chevron.

My job is to serve as a liaison between our operations team and our environmental team to ensure we are in compliance with environmental regulations and that we are operating safely. I’m also a volunteer member of the Chevron Fire Department’s volunteer fire brigade. It’s something I’ve chosen to do on the side because I like helping people.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I bring validity to the important things we’re doing, which is to serve as a good neighbor, operate safely and protect the environment.

What’s your favorite part about working at Chevron?

My whole family is from Richmond on both sides. My father, John, and my uncle, Robert, either worked or still work here. To me, working at Chevron brings a sense of pride to be able to not only represent my family but also represent the community where my family is from. My Richmond roots run deep.

How did you find out about the job at Chevron?

After graduation, my dad encouraged me to apply for an operator position at Chevron.

Tell us about applying for the job – did you need special requirements?

To be an operator, you just need to get a high school diploma, pass an entry-level test and complete an interview process. I served as an operator in various departments before joining the Health, Environment and Safety Division about nine months ago.

Any advice for Richmond residents interested in working for Chevron?

Be persistent and have a good attitude. Find an area of the company that you are interested in, such as maintenance and explore jobs in that field. Consider being a contractor first. They are always looking for good people and it’s a good way to get your foot in the door.

What’s your favorite thing about Richmond?

The people. Richmond is a vibrant town, and I just love exploring this community and talking to people. I have a lifetime of memories getting my hair cut at Mark’s Barber Shop, 1204 Hilltop Mall in Richmond, with my dad. Now I take my son there. I like bringing my kids to Richmond to visit family and walk down memory lane. I don’t want my son and daughter to forget their roots.

What’s a common misperception about Chevron you’d like to clarify?

People don’t realize how hard we work to reduce our environmental impact on this community. If someone has a noise or odor complaint we will investigate it immediately. We go above and beyond when it comes to protecting the environment. Anything else? People who work at the refinery love this place and really care. We too want to share in Richmond’s rich heritage and be part of its future.