Get to know an Engineer at the Richmond Technology Center


Name: Peter Fuentes-Afflick

Job at Chevron: Senior Staff Engineer at the Richmond Technology Center

Years with Chevron: 27

Education: University of Michigan, MS in Mechanical Engineering

Born in: Kingston, Jamaica

What do you like best about your job?

My favorite part of my job is coming to work each day and knowing that the products we work on have an impact on the environment by keeping engines running cleaner, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.

What do you like best about working at Chevron?

Whatever we do, it’s done with integrity. When I go home from work each day, I feel good knowing our work will stand up to any challenge.

Tell us about what you work on at the Richmond Technology Center.

I am part of a team of scientists who work on Techron, Chevron’s revolutionary fuel additive that helps our gasoline products minimize deposits, maximize fuel economy and keeps engines clean and exhaust emissions low. I am proud that Techron was developed right here at the Richmond Technology Center and continues to be internationally recognized as one of the best fuel additives on the market. Although Techron’s core compound has remained the same since it was developed in 1979, engine technologies are constantly changing. This means our team of Techron scientists must constantly update the product.

Any advice for Richmond residents interested in pursuing a career as a Chevron scientist?

You must have a passion for whatever it is you would like to do. And a college education.

What do you like best about working in Richmond?

The weather is one of my favorite things about Richmond. I also enjoy the convenience of my commute, where I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and the Richmond Bridge. I find it very therapeutic. When I get to work, it is 10 degrees warmer. I always look forward to that transition.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Richmond?

I really enjoy Kao Sarn Thai Cuisine, 130 Washington Ave, in Richmond. I often go there for lunch because it’s convenient and the food is great.

What’s a common misperception about Chevron that you want to clarify?

That Chevron does not prioritize safety. A focus on safety is something we live by daily here.