Chevron Speaks: Article on refinery projects misleading

Update regarding flaring activity at the Chevron Richmond Refinery
Photo of the Chevron Richmond Refinery

modernizationmapAn article published in the East Bay Express on February 5 contained incorrect and misleading information about Chevron USA’s Richmond Refinery Modernization Project.

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Despite what the article suggests, there is no connection between the Modernization Project and any other Bay Area refinery project. The Modernization Project is not about processing heavy crude or unconventional Canadian tar sands.

Also, the Modernization Project will not enable the Richmond Refinery to receive crude oil via rail car or pipeline. The environmental impact report for the WesPac project in Pittsburg does not include the Richmond Refinery in its list of facilities that will receive crude from the facility.   The Richmond Refinery will continue, as it does today, to receive all its crude oil via ship.

The Modernization Project will create a newer, safer, cleaner refinery that is better for the community. The project will reduce air pollution overall, add energy efficiency, and increase safety—all while creating 1,000 construction jobs and pumping millions of dollars into the local economy.

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