Riggers Loft transforms into snow lodge for the holidays?

Rigger’s Loft transforms into snow lodge for the holidays?
AlI photos by Alan Macomber.

By Kathy Chouteau

Ah, the magic of a wintery snowfall…inside Rigger’s Loft?

Riggers Loft took to Facebook Dec. 17 to post what the Richmond Standard is dubbing the “Snow Lodge” picture.

The posted picture showcases the Richmond winery and cidery awash in a blanket of pristine white snow, with green garlands and sparkling holiday lights draped throughout the interior, as cozy customers sip away at their drinks at intermittent tables.

The Snow Lodge scene depicts the interior of the bayside building, and as Barbara Brown of R&B Cellars at Rigger’s Loft cheekily noted, it’s been created through the magic of an AI (artificial intelligence) app. Many in Richmond very much wanted the photo to be real, but alas, we live in California and AI trickery is a sign of the times.

Brown said that Alan Macomber of Satchmo’s Ghost, a blues band that performs at Rigger’s Loft, created the image and other ones after taking some photos there and altering them through the power of AI. She submitted Macomber’s additional winter wonderland-style photos to the Richmond Standard to share with our readers (see below). Hats off to the wizarding artist for turning Richmond into a little slice of Vermont for a spell.

Look for Rigger’s Loft to ring in the New Year with dancing, food, wine and music Sunday, Dec. 31 starting at 9 p.m. Learn more.

Riggers Loft is located at 1325 Canal Blvd. in Richmond. The business is home to critically-acclaimed wines and cider made on-site by R&B Cellars, Carica Wines, Wachira Wines, Prima Materia, Barrel + Ink and the Far West Cider Company.