‘Jaws of Life’ extrication demonstrated at Tri-City Safety Day

'Jaws of Life' extrication demonstrated at Tri-City Safety Day

Richmond fire crews were among the local first responders who participated in the Tri-City Safety Day at El Cerrito Plaza on Saturday.

The event featuring the Richmond, El Cerrito and Albany fire departments and area law enforcement agencies enabled community members the opportunity to meet and learn from first responders.

Among the activities was a demonstration of a vehicle extrication using the “jaws of life,” a hydraulic tool used to cut through cars and car doors to rescue occupants.

Richmond Firefighters Local 188, which shared information and photos for this report, called the event “a huge hit.”

“We can’t wait to join in on the fun event next year and meet more of you who live in the communities we serve,” Local 188 stated on social media.