City connects Richmond residents to free ‘Green House Calls’

City connects Richmond residents to free 'Green House Calls’
Photo credit: Rising Sun Center.

By Kathy Chouteau

Are you a Richmond resident wanting to make your home more sustainable and energy efficient? The Richmond City Manager’s Office, Economic Development, Environmental & Health Initiatives Division is connecting eligible residents to Rising Sun Center for Opportunity for Green House Calls.

Rising Sun Center, which provides a no-cost energy and water efficiency service, provides those who sign up with a Green House Call that assesses their home’s energy/water usage, installs energy/water efficient measures and provides resources about other green area programs.

Here’s an overview of what a Green House Call includes: A home energy and water efficiency assessment; energy efficient light bulbs; a smart power strip or multiple smart energy plugs; draft stopping outlet gaskets; efficient flow faucet aerators and shower heads; and info regarding other energy-saving and green programs.

Green House Calls are available to both Richmond renters and homeowners and there are no income qualifications to receive one. Note that Green House Calls are not available to residents who’ve received one in the last five years.

Richmond residents wanting to sign up for a Green House Call can click here or call (510) 665-1501, ext. 300. Learn more here.