GoFundMe launched to support Cal Prep soccer program

GoFundMe aims to suppor Richmond high school soccer program
Photo via GoFundMe

The head coach of the Aspire California College Preparatory in Richmond (Cal Prep) has launched a GoFundMe to fund uniforms, equipment and other program necessecities. 

The cost for soccer uniforms and equipment is becoming increasingly expensive. But they’re needed to sustain a program that provides a safe space for local teens like the Cal Prep soccer program, according Cal Prep Coach Cesar Tamayo.

“Cal Prep’s soccer team comes from a small but well-built community in Richmond, California. Our program provides many benefits for our students,” Coach Tamayo said. “For example, our program contributes to a safe space where students can develop their communication, decision-making, and soccer skills while being in a competitive environment and potentially playing at the next level (college). Our soccer teams also boost school spirit and pride across the school.”

With the fundraiser, the coach said he wants to ensure every student can benefit from this program, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Funding from the GoFundMe will go to purchase practice/warm-up t-shirts and sweaters, game uniforms, safety equipment (first aid), soccer balls, goalkeeper equipment, film equipment nad updates to facilities, the coach said.

“I appreciate your support,” Coach Tamayo said, adding, “Let’s go, Grizzlies!”

To support the fundraiser, click here.