Factory Bar launches mural project

Factory Bar launches mural project
The Factory Bar is located at 12517 San Pablo Ave. 

By Mike Kinney

The Factory Bar in Richmond is launching a mural project on its property that will feature the works of eight artists. 

“Each artist will take one letter in the word ‘Richmond’ and they will paint that section of what is inspiring to them,” said co-owner Tom Lyons.

The mural will locate on the wall facing the parking lot of the Richmond-themed establishment, which boasts both indoor and outdoor spaces, specialty cocktails, craft beer, wine and Whiskey Wednesdays at 12517 San Pablo Ave. 

He added, “As soon as we had purchased the building, we wanted to do something with the wall specifically to celebrate Richmond.”

On Wednesday, the Factory Bar team completed a quick rough draft of the mural. The aim is to complete the mural by the time the Factory Bar celebrates its second-year anniversary.

“We plan to have a big reveal party of how the wall mural looks on Aug. 7 to coincide with our second year anniversary,” Lyons said.

Lyons noted that Michelle Seville of the Public Art Grant Fund was one of the sponsors for the wall mural project.