WestCAT to resume fare collection for bus services

WestCAT launching expanded Route JX service on May 22
Photo credit: WestCAT

By Kathy Chouteau

WestCAT, which provides local and reginal bus service to a variety of West County communities, will be resuming its fare collection for all routes starting Feb. 1. The transit service had previously suspended fare collection due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of February, all passengers will be required by WestCAT to pay full fare and also board the bus via the front door as rear door boarding will be suspended. With an eye toward COVID-19 safety, WestCAT will continue to operate with passenger limits on its buses, so rides are not guaranteed. This means that passengers may be asked to await another bus when a preceding bus has reached the safe passenger capacity. According to WestCAT officials, the transit company is doing its best to have stand-by support vehicles ready to decrease wait times.

In another COVID-19 safety effort, WestCAT is encouraging passengers to use Clipper Cards to pay their fares. Click here to order one. Those without Clipper Cards can pay with cash or pre-purchase WestCAT passes online. The transit company advises passengers that its administrative offices are not available for purchases at this time. Learn more about WestCAT bus fares here and routes here.