On Spare the Air weekdays, WestCAT will be free to ride

WestCAT launching expanded Route JX service on May 22
Photo credit: WestCAT

WestCAT will offer free rides when Spare the Air alerts fall on weekdays in 2020.

The Spare the Air Program provides advance notice when air quality is expected to be unhealthy and aims to educate residents on how to contribute to reducing pollution.

When a Spare the Air Day happens on a weekday, WestCAT will “Spare the Fare.” No ticket will be needed. Just hop aboard any WestCAT bus.

“Spare the Fare free rides will be available on all WestCAT routes, including Lynx Transbay service to San Francisco, while funding is available,” according to the transit agency. “It is estimated that Spare the Fare free rides will be available for approximately 30-32 Spare the Air Days. This is a great opportunity to try public transit while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.”

To receive notification about all Spare the Fare Days, follow WestCAT on its website or Facebook and Twitter or sign up to receive alerts at www.sparetheair.org.