Menbe’s Annual Day of Giving set for GRIP

GRIP seeks volunteers to help prep 800 meals daily for County's homeless
GRIP shelter located at 165 22nd St. in Richmond.

Almost 500 people are expected to be served free Thanksgiving feasts at Menbe’s Annual Day of Giving, which will take place Thanksgiving Day at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) center in Richmond.

Service starts at 11:30 a.m., and anyone needing a hot meal on that day is invited to attend. GRIP is located at 165 22nd St.

For those who wish to help, volunteers are not needed, but ground coffee, non perishable orange juice and bread rolls are welcome.

Also, donations to the Menbe’s Way Fund makes such events possible. To make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

Menbe’s Annual Day of Giving is run and inspired by Menbere Aklilu, the former owner of Salute e Vita Ristorante who famously served fine dining meals to hundreds of community members every year, among other charitable acts. The closure of Salute e Vita Ristorante in Marina Bay has not stopped her annual tradition.

Menbere Aklilu (left). Photo credit: Richmond Community Foundation.