Richmond mosque expansion planned

A rendering of the planned building expansion of the Richmond mosque located at the corner of 36th Street and Lowell Avenue in Richmond.

The Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County’s (ISWCCC) proposal to expand its Richmond mosque has received support from the local neighborhood council.

Dr. Mohammed Anwanuzzaman, president of ISWCCC, is requesting city approval to construct a 2,500 square foot second-floor addition on its 18,812 square foot property at the corner of 36th Street and Lowell Avenue in the North & East Neighborhood. The  addition will include space for a library, utility room and workspaces for children to learn and play and will expand space for existing mosque programs.

The structure’s architectural elements will consist of “dome towers and arched arabesque patterns along the east and west elevations,” according to project plans (which can be accessed here).

“These proposed towers on the west and south elevation are approximately 30 feet in height and add aesthetic grandeur to the building,” city documents stated. “Second-floor windows are arched and displayed with cultural patterns to showcase the significance of these elements to the building. The lower doors and windows are traditional to allow more natural light into prominent rooms and entrances to the main building.”

Lighting proposed for the open courtyard and building exterior will be LED compliant.

The North and East Neighborhood Council supports the project, particularly as the plans don’t take away the mosque’s parking area and will update the outside of the building. The council did, however, request more trees or greenery around the building to beautify the neighborhood.

The project is set to be reviewed at the Planning Commission’s next public hearing on Thursday.