RPD, Amtrak partner on railway safety operation at Carlson/Cutting

RPD teams with Amtrak on railway safety operation at Carlson/Cutting. (Photo credit: RPD)

Several citations and warnings were issued Tuesday when Richmond police partnered with Amtrak police to conduct a railway safety operation at the rail crossing at Cutting and Carlson boulevards.

The annual Operation Lifesaver has Amtrak partnering with police agencies across the nation to raise awareness about rail safety. Officers focused on vehicles stopping on the railway crossing as well as both motorists and pedestrians who failed to stop when the crossing arms lowered to indicate an approaching train, police said.

“We would like to remind our community members for their own safety to never stop their vehicles on the railway tracks and to always stop for lowering crossing arms,” police said. “In a battle between a car and train, the train will always unfortunately win.”