Interim city manager to display electric 1961 Beetle at City Hall

Interim City Manager Steven Falk's 1961 Volkswagen Beetle.

Interim City Manager Steven Falk is set to show off his all-electric 1961 Volkswagen Beetle at Richmond City Hall on Thursday.

The Beetle will be displayed along with a number of modern and specialized electric vehicles at the 5th Annual National Drive Electric Week event happening at the City Civic Center parking lot from noon to 3 p.m. (across from the Main Library).

Falk said he spent just $20 on the Beetle, having won it in a raffle.

“I had someone put an electric motor in it, so I have a fully electric 1961 Volkswagen Beetle,” Falk said during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “The public is welcome to come out and look at it, it’s very cool.”

Thursday’s electric vehicle event will include test drive opportunities for all licensed drivers of electric and hybrid models, along with displays of privately owned electric and specialty vehicles including Tesla models, and converted vehicles. Information on rebates and other incentives will be offered.

Civic Center Parking lot across from Richmond Main Library – 325 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804. This is also the location for first of two Richmond/EVgo Equal Access DC Fast Charging Hubs.