Drivers cautioned about homeless encampments along I-580

Still image from video posted to Facebook by the Richmond Firefighters Local 188.

A person suffered from second-degree burns on most of his body from a homeless encampment fire in the area of Interstate Highway 580 near Harbour Way South in Richmond on Tuesday, according to Richmond Firefighters Local 188, which posted about the incident on Facebook.

The victim as transported by CALStar medical helicopter to a burn center.

Such fires are becoming common. The firefighter’s union warned drivers to be cautious in that area.

“There are multiple large homeless camps along this stretch of highway and there has been multiple fires and a fatal traffic accident involving a homeless person in the last 3 weeks,” Richmond Firefighters Local 188 stated.


  1. The bums are out of control between Central ave and Harbor way. They have been stealing from local businesses and recently began an attack on the South Annex residential neighborhoods. The south annex sent them away in ambulances. I expect the DA to bring charges against us, not them.

    • They are using the railroad tracks as a pathway to ferry their stolen stuff away from the scene of their crimes. Richmond police do not jump fences and chase them thru what is essentially a minefield. Railroad police take hours to respond. The railroads private property rights need to be recinded and they need to be billed for a “railroad division” in the RPD.


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