Betty Reid Soskin photographed by Annie Leibovitz in Richmond

Betty Reid Soskin event tonight in Richmond
Betty Reid Soskin

Two legendary women — one Richmond shoreline.

Betty Reid Soskin, the author and famous National Park Service ranger who helped to establish Richmond’s Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park, revealed on Facebook today that she spent Wednesday “posing against the rich Richmond shoreline — for Annie Leibovitz and her camera crew.”

Leibovitz is a globally famous photographer renowned for her portraits of significant figures and celebrities. Soskin enjoyed her experience, describing Leibovitz as “disarming, warm, engaging, the easiest professional I’ve ever run across.”

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“In the process — when we were obviously making small talk to keep me relaxed during the shoot — she mentioned that she’d lived in the SF Bay Area in the 70s, attending school in SF to learn her craft. Said she’s thinking of returning to finish out her years here. Would that not be great?”

Soskin, who, among countless achievements, was named among the 2018 Women of the Year by Glamour Magazine honoring trailblazers and newsmakers from around the world, said she isn’t quite sure what will come of the photo shoot. Stay tuned.