Bikes now allowed on BART escalators

Bikes now allowed on BART escalators
Photo courtesy of BART.

As of Jan. 1, bikes are allowed on most of the escalators throughout BART, a new rule change that aims to make it easier for cyclists to board trains.

Bikes will only remain banned from BART’s 10 narrow escalators located at the 19th Street Oakland, Antioch and Oakland Airport Connector stations, according to the transit agency.

BART is also now allowing bikes on all train cars except for the first car. Bikes were previously banned from the first three cars during commute times. 

Ten years ago, BART ended a ban on bikes on the transit system during the commute hours. Over the last decade, the transit agency noted the growing popularity of larger, heavier bicycles.

“Carrying bikes up and down stairwells can be difficult and not all bikes fit in our elevators,” said BART Director Rebecca Saltzman. “Updating our rules will make BART easier to use for cyclists and families bringing bikes on the train. Bikes play an important role in getting people out of their cars and on public transit and these updated rules encourage environmentally friendly multimodal travel options.”  

BART encouraged riders to use their best judgment when using escalators. The transit agency released a new video detailing safety tips for bringing bikes on escalators in the system.

BART offers this Elevator Dimension Guide to provide cyclists with dimensions of each elevator in the system, including measurements of the door, width, length, and diagonal space across the floor.